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Chemtrade’s products are sourced through its own production facilities or procured via long-term marketing services and tolling arrangements with industrial producers and other chemical producers. The industrial producers include base metal smelting and oil refinery operations that generate sulphuric acid, spent acid, liquid SO2 and sulphur as by-products of their production processes.  This sourcing model, combined with Chemtrade owned / controlled storage terminals, by-product chemical internal demand, and on-purpose supply from its own production facilities provides more security of supply for customers, and results in lower costs and capital requirements for Chemtrade.

Chemtrade owns a total of 64 production facilities in North America that can be broadly classified as either:

  1. sulphuric acid / regen acid / ultrapure acid / sodium bisulphite / liquid SO2 plants;
  2. inorganic coagulants plants;
  3. sodium chlorate plants;
  4. individual specialty chemical plants for the production of:
    1. phosphorus pentasulphide;
    2. potassium chloride;
    3. liquid sodium hydrosulphite/ zinc oxide;
    4. caustic soda / hydrochloric acid / chlorine
    5. crude tall oil;
    6. hydrogen sulphide / carbon disulphide
    7. sodium nitrite; and
    8. vaccine adjuvants; or
  5. plants providing customers with specialized services for:
    1. ammonia scrubber effluent processing;
    2. hydrogen sulphide processing;
    3. sulphur prilling; and
    4. ultra pure chemical production

In North America, Chemtrade operates and sells its products in virtually every part of the continent, utilizing its extensive sales force in conjunction with its network of distributors to access customers in all industries.  Customers are encouraged to contact Chemtrade for their product supply needs by contacting the email address noted in the specific product sections in the Products tab of this website.


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