Sulphur Products & Performance Chemicals (SPPC)

Sulphur is one of the world’s most important industrial elements. Chemtrade’s vast Sulphur Products network embraces manufacturing, regeneration service agreements, and marketing agreements, and includes a catalogue of products important to a broad range of industries. Our Performance Chemicals portfolio is manufactured to meet specific customer needs in defined applications that are unique to each chemical.

For more information on selection, purchase, safety and technical aspects, or for anything to do with our Sulphur Products & Performance Chemicals, please contact our product representative.

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Emulsified Sulphur

Emulsified Sulphur

Chemtrade manufactures a flowable, micronized sulphur emulsion suspended in water called Sulex 70, which is used in pulp and paper applications as a cost-effective sulphidity builder. It is also used in agricultural applications as a slow release sulphur fertilizer and as an effective soil amendment to modify alkaline soils.

Chemtrade’s Sulex 70 is manufactured at our Mount Vernon, Washington facility and is available in bulk, truckload quantities for shipment throughout the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for Chemtrade products can be found here.