Great People. Great Teams. Great Opportunities.

Since our beginning in 2001 Chemtrade has grown in size, sales, scope, and number of employees. We are a company that is committed to employee and community safety, is invested in sustainability, and is built on a culture of teamwork and collaboration. Our employees have chosen to find their future with Chemtrade, we hope you see your future with us also.

Employee Experience

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Chemtrade’s business is built on collaborations. We count on our employees for their time, energy, and dedication. In return, we offer support, opportunity and reward. Our people thrive in a caring, thoughtful environment that recognizes both team and individual strengths.

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A Culture of Safety

We are committed to providing a safe work environment to our employees and their ideas.

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A Team-Based Environment

We encourage formal and informal teaming that creates close knit communities and enhances execution.

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A Sense of Belonging

Our employees have a strong connection to the people they work with and the organization’s core values.

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A Place for Individual Growth and Development

We enable our employees to develop their strengths and build new capabilities to grow.

We Live Our Values

Our E.P.I.C. and S.A.F.E. mandates are strong reminders of the principles, around which we’ve built our company values and culture. They do a good job of defining life at Chemtrade! Read more about our Values & Culture.

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What Are We Looking For?

At Chemtrade teamwork is important. We care about the success and happiness of our co-workers, being a compassionate and caring person is a very high requirement. Our teams are made up of dedicated hard-working people and we seek individuals who have the same motivation to make a difference. We are looking for contributors and problem solvers. We appreciate those who show initiative and who are able to learn from, and improve on, how we do things. We welcome leaders at all levels, who are both technically strong and people oriented.

Safety is a way of life at Chemtrade – every new employee must understand and share in the responsibility to keep themselves, and everyone around them, safe. Our primary goal is to see that each member of the Chemtrade team returns home safely every day. Visit our Sustainability page for more on safety at Chemtrade.

We work to always do better for our partners, our customers and our employees, and continuously strive to set the bar higher – we want you to be part of this success!

Characteristics of a Great Chemtrade Hire

The Chemtrade competency model outlines the attributes that we all strive to deliver and the qualities we look for in individuals we aim to hire.

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    Analytical and Strategic Thinking

    The ability to anticipate and identify critical patterns across situations that are new or not related and identify key or underlying issues.

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    Influencing and Leading Others

    By establishing credibility, the ability to persuade and convince others to support an idea, agenda or direction that positively impact business performance.

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    Leading Change

    Proactively promoting and building a commitment for change. Creating an environment that inspires others adapt to and accept change when needed.

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    Develops Self and Others

    Strives for self improvement and enables the improvement of others on their teams through coaching and development.

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    Customer Mindset

    Strong understanding of internal and external customers and how to address current and anticipated needs.

Why Choose Chemtrade?

Chemtrade is committed to the success of all its employees. With support through training, coaching and leadership, we provide an environment in which you are surrounded with people who can make all the difference in your career. Additionally, we aim to be positive contributors in the communities we operate in – always environmentally aware, ethically responsible, and safety focused.

We believe in true partnership where everyone is able to contribute, enjoy the respect of those they work with and feel valued for the work and dedication they put forward. We are continuing on our journey to build a great chemical company – join us!

Diversity Commitment

Chemtrade is committed to equity in employment and providing a dynamic and flexible work environment which allows all employees to strive and reach their full career potential. A diverse group of people and ideas in the workplace are essential to our business success. We all benefit from a work environment of diversity which offers a wide range of perspectives and promotes fairness and equity. We are committed to diversity and inclusiveness in our employment practices and respect the right of applicants and employees to fair and equitable treatment.


We are happy to answer your most frequently asked questions. Let’s get started!

How do I apply?

Click on the blue “Current Opportunities” banner based on the country of choice on the main Careers page. It will bring you to the full list of current opportunities.

You can filter the list by using a key word, location, or job category to refine your search.

Click on the title of the position to view the full job description and company information. When you’re ready to apply simply click on the blue “Apply for this job online” button on the top right-hand corner.

Follow the instructions for consent on the next page and move forward to create an account (It’s important to create an account so that you can retrieve your application, review your history, and also receive important documents from us at time of hire). You only have to create an account once.

If you wish to submit both your cover letter and resume you may combine them into one document.

You can address your cover letter to “Chemtrade Talent Acquisition Team”.

Please ensure your resume & cover letter are uploaded as either a Word document (.doc or .docx) or as a .PDF file. This will ensure our system can accept your file extension and our team can appreciate your well-designed professional resume.

I already have an account but I forgot my username and password. How do I reset it?

Click on Create/Reset your password and follow the prompts and instructions that will be provided.

I’m not ready to apply right now, how do I make sure I don’t miss out on future opportunities?

There are several methods of remaining in contact with us so as never miss out on Chemtrade news and opportunities!

Towards the bottom of a job posting you will find a “Connect with Us” link. This will provide you with an opportunity to submit your resume for general consideration. This means we will review your resume and consider your qualifications for all of our current open positions and match you up with opportunities best suited to you. You will also receive updates on new jobs and opportunities by email so that you’ll never miss out on applying!

Follow us on LinkedIn and learn about Chemtrade’s culture and business objectives by reading up on articles, connecting with key people and keeping aware of current opportunities.

“Like” us and follow us on Facebook where we post interest pieces on several topics, including highlighting career opportunities.

A current Chemtrade employee referred me to an open position. How can I make sure they are given credit if I am hired?

As you complete the application there will be a question asking you about how you heard about this opportunity. Please select “Employee Referral” and enter the name of the person who has encouraged you to apply. We will make sure that if you are hired, your referee is given credit and accolades!

I have applied for a position but have yet to hear back. When should I expect to receive an update on the status of my application?

We thank everyone for their time in completing an application and their interest in working with Chemtrade. We do our very best to respond to every applicant, including sending a confirmation email that your resume has been received. You will be contacted via email, text or phone to provide a status update of your application or to schedule an initial phone interview. You are also able to check on the status of your application by logging into your account.

What if I need accommodations for the interview?

Please advise our Talent Acquisition Team what kind of accommodations you require before the interview in order for us to make the proper arrangements.

Can I apply to multiple jobs?

Yes, absolutely! Please apply to all roles that meet your professional experience, skills and education. We are happy to consider you towards the best matched opportunities.

Do you keep my resume on file?

Your resume and profile remains within our database so that we can remain in contact and keep you aware of incredible future opportunities. It is important that you maintain a current and updated resume on file. We encourage you to refresh your current professional experience and contact information in order for our Talent Acquisition Team to provide the best opportunities available and contact you immediately.

Do you consider international applicants?

We consider talent and abilities from different backgrounds to be an incredible asset in our growth as an organization. Where possible, we welcome applications from different countries however before applying we encourage you to review the job requirements in detail. Please note that unless otherwise stated, candidates who reside within the local country will be considered first.