Electrochemicals (EC)

Chemtrade’s Electrochemicals business segment makes and markets Sodium Chlorate and a variety of Chlor-Alkali products. The primary areas of business served include pulp & paper, oil & gas, and water treatment industries throughout North and South America. As electricity is the major cost of production, our Electrochemicals facilities are strategically located near reliable sources of lower-cost hydroelectric power.

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Sodium Chlorate

Sodium Chlorate – NaClO₃

Chemtrade is a leading manufacturer of Sodium Chlorate in North America and Brazil. Sodium Chlorate is produced in an electrolysis process from brine (salt + water) and electricity. A high-purity hydrogen gas stream is also generated in the process.

Sodium Chlorate is most commonly utilized by pulp mills to produce chlorine dioxide, an environmentally preferred bleaching agent used in the pulp and paper industry. Our Sodium Chlorate is available both in solution and in dry-crystal form, and is shipped to customers via rail car, bulk truck, bags or pipeline.

Our Sodium Chlorate locations include:

  • Brandon, MB
  • Prince George, BC
  • Beauharnois, QC
  • Espírito Santo, Brazil

In addition to the production of Sodium Chlorate, our Prince George plant also processes soap skimmings (a byproduct of the pulp-making process) into Crude Tall Oil (CTO) for use as an alternate energy source. The CTO is processed and either returned to the soap skimming supplier or sold in the merchant CTO market.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for Chemtrade products can be found here.