Sulphur Products & Performance Chemicals (SPPC)

Sulphur is one of the world’s most important industrial elements. Chemtrade’s vast Sulphur Products network embraces manufacturing, regeneration service agreements, and marketing agreements, and includes a catalogue of products important to a broad range of industries. Our Performance Chemicals portfolio is manufactured to meet specific customer needs in defined applications that are unique to each chemical.

For more information on selection, purchase, safety and technical aspects, or for anything to do with our Sulphur Products & Performance Chemicals, please contact our product representative.

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Carbon Disulphide (CS2)

Carbon Disulphide – CS2

Chemtrade produces Carbon Disulphide, along with co-product Hydrogen Sulphide, at our Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta facility.

We are one of only three North American producers of Carbon Disulphide, a chemical used in the production of soil fumigants and fungicides for agricultural markets, xanthates for the mining sector, viscose rayon for textiles, and in vulcanization accelerators for the rubber industry.

Chemtrade ships to customers directly, either by rail or truck.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for Chemtrade products can be found here.