Sulphur Products & Performance Chemicals (SPPC)

Sulphur is one of the world’s most important industrial elements. Chemtrade’s vast Sulphur Products network embraces manufacturing, regeneration service agreements, and marketing agreements, and includes a catalogue of products important to a broad range of industries. Our Performance Chemicals portfolio is manufactured to meet specific customer needs in defined applications that are unique to each chemical.

For more information on selection, purchase, safety and technical aspects, or for anything to do with our Sulphur Products & Performance Chemicals, please contact our product representative.

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Regen Acid

Regen Acid – H2SO4

Chemtrade provides Sulphuric Acid regeneration (“regen”) services for our refining and chemical production customers who generate spent acid. Spent acid is Sulphuric Acid that has been modified (diluted, contaminated, etc.) while being used as a catalyst in a manufacturing process. Chemtrade efficiently reprocesses these spent acids into Commercial Grade Sulphuric Acid for reuse by the same customers, or for resale as Merchant Acid. Sulphuric Acid regeneration represents an important element of Chemtrade’s core North American product and service offering.

Our Sulphuric Acid regeneration locations include:

  • Anacortes, Washington
  • Beaumont, Texas
  • Richmond, California
  • Riverton, Wyoming
  • Toledo, Ohio

Benefits of Chemtrade’s regen processing services include:

  • Sustainability benefits
  • Cost savings
  • Multiple production sites
  • Dedicated Supply Chain and Transportation professionals
  • Dedicated rail car fleet
  • Back-up supply of fresh acid from multiple sources
  • Responsible Care® and Quality Management Certified (RC 14001 & ISO 9001)

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for Chemtrade products can be found here.