Responsible Care

Chemtrade is committed to continually reducing the environmental impact of its activities and improving the health and safety of its employees and the communities in which it operates.  It does this by implementing policies and management systems that include extensive training as well as periodic reviews of assets, operations and activities to measure performance and compliance.

Chemtrade is a member of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) and supports and adheres to the Association’s Responsible Care® ethic and its Codes of Practices.  Responsible Care® is a global voluntary initiative of the chemical industry and is a unique ethic for the safe and environmentally sound management of chemicals. It also guides companies towards environmental, societal, and economic sustainability. Chemtrade also maintains membership with the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and adheres to the ACC Responsible Care codes and principles.

In order to translate the Responsible Care® philosophy into the day to day fabric of the organization, Chemtrade has put in place various policies, systems and tools, which it continues to expand and improve.  As a unifying program over these various systems and tools, Chemtrade has adopted the RC14001 management system.

Every three years, Chemtrade undergoes a third-party assessment verifying Chemtrade’s commitment to the Responsible Care® codes and ethic in concert with the RC14001 re-certification of the Chemtrade corporate office.

Chemtrade has certified a number of its sites under the RC14001 management system and annually ensures they adhere to the program requirements in accordance with the standard.

Chemtrade’s commitment is outlined in the policies below:

Responsible Care® Committee CharterEnglish
Responsible Care® Global CharterEnglish / French
Responsible Care® PhilosophyEnglish / French
Responsible Care® PolicyEnglish / French / Portuguese / Spanish
Environmental, Safety & Health PolicyEnglish / French / Portuguese / Spanish
Quality PolicyEnglish / French / Portuguese / Spanish
CIAC’s Responsible Care® EthicEnglish / French