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Water and Wastewater Treatment

Algae Control details
Alkalinity Source details
Aluminum Residual Reduction details
BOD Removal details
Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment (CEPT) details
Chemical Phosphorus Removal details
Chloramines details
Coagulation/Flocculation Agent details
Cold Water and Improved Cold Water Treatment details
Color Reduction details
Corrosion Control details
Disinfection Byproduct Control details
H2S Removal and Odor Control details
Lagoon Treatment details
Lake Treatment and Restoration details
Lime Softening details
Membrane Chemical Cleaning details
Membrane/Desalination Applications details
Nutrient Removal details
Oily Waste and Heavy Metal Separation details
pH Adjustment details
Residue Minimization (Sludge Reduction) details
Sludge Conditioning/Thickening and Dewatering details
Stormwater Treatment details
Struvite Control details
Suspended Solids Removal details
Total Organic Carbon Removal/Reduction details
Wastewater Clarification details
Water Clarification details

Food / Beverage

Alkalinity Source details
Antibotulin details
Meat Curing details
Nutritional Products details
Process Wastewater details


Bacterin Vaccines for Animals details
Rabies Vaccines for Animals details
Poultry Vaccines details
Human Vaccines details
Cosmetics & Soaps details

Pulp and Paper

Paper Sizing and Retention/Drainage Aid details
pH Adjustment details

Industrial Processing

Alkaline Detinning of Scrap Tinplate details
Azo Dyes and Pigments details
Batteries and Alternative Energy details
Blowing Agent details
Chemical Manufacturing details
Corrosion Inhibition details
Diazo Reaction details
Heat Transfer Salts details
Metal Surface Treatment details
Nitrous Acid Formation details
Rubber Industry Product Improvement details


Poultry Litter Treatment details
Volatilized Ammonia Reduction details
Improved Fertilizer Value details
pH Reduction details
Soil Additive/Water Quality Enhancement details

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