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Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund is a publicly traded, diversified business providing industrial chemicals and services to customers in North America and around the world. Its units are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol CHE.UN

Chemtrade operates in three business segments:

Sulphur Products & Performance Chemicals (SPPC)

The SPPC segment manufactures and markets several products including sulphuric acid, liquid sulphur dioxide, sulphur, sodium hydrosulphite, sodium bisulphite, and zinc oxide to an extensive customer base in varying industries in Canada and the United States, and is a leading processor of spent acid from the petroleum refining industry as well as the largest producer of ultra pure sulphuric acid used in the electronics industry, in North America.

The SPPC segment also includes processing services for (1) converting hydrogen sulphide into sulphur and sulphuric acid, (2) reprocessing scrubber effluent into ammonium sulphate fertilizer, and (3) prilling liquid sulphur. These services are provided to customers located nearby specific operating sites.

Water Solutions & Specialty Chemicals (WSSC)

The Water Solutions & Specialty Chemicals (WSSC) segment manufactures and markets (1) a variety of inorganic coagulants used in water treatment, including aluminum sulphate, aluminum chlorohydrate, polyaluminum chloride, ferric sulphate, calcium hydroxide, liquid ammonium sulphate, and aqua ammonia; and (2) a number of specialty chemicals, including sodium chlorate, sodium nitrite, potassium chloride, phosphorus pentasulphide, vaccine adjuvants, and sulphides. These products are marketed primarily to North American customers, with water treatment chemicals being sold to both municipal and industrial customers, and the specialty chemicals to industrial customers.

International – Chemtrade Aglobis

Chemtrade Aglobis is Chemtrade’s international operating arm, operating in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and Chile. Chemtrade Aglobis encompasses Chemtrade’s sulphuric acid and sulphur operations outside of North America.

Chemtrade Aglobis removes, markets and distributes sulphuric acid, liquid and solid sulphur and base metals produced by oil refineries, base metal smelters and other industrial facilities in Europe, Africa, Central and South America, Australia, the Middle and the Far East.

Chemtrade Aglobis operates storage and distribution facilities in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Mejillones, Chile and a trucking company, Ruhrtrans, which transports molten sulphur and sulphuric acid for Chemtrade Aglobis and a wide range of other industrial liquid chemicals for third parties.

For a detailed description of Chemtrade Aglobis’s products and services, click here.

2017 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of Unitholders will be held on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at the Gallery, TSX Broadcast Centre, The Exchange Tower, 130 King Street West, Toronto.


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