Accessibility Policy

Policy: Accessibility to Serving Customers with Disabilities
Effective Date: July 2013
Revision Date: December 2020


Chemtrade Logistics (“Chemtrade”) is committed to excellence in serving all customers including people with disabilities.

The object of this policy is to identify what the equal treatment provisions of the Ontario Human Rights Code, through the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (“the AODA”) and the Regulation, require with respect to service delivery to persons with disabilities and address the following:

Assistive Devices

Chemtrade will ensure that designated employees are trained and familiar with various assistive devices that we have on-site or that we may provide to be used by the customers with disabilities while accessing our goods and services.


Chemtrade will communicate with people with disabilities in ways that take into account their disability.

Service Animals

Chemtrade welcomes people with disabilities and their service animals. Service animals are allowed on our premises that are open to the public.

Support Persons

A person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person will be allowed to have that person accompany them on our premises.

Notice of Temporary Disruption

Service disruption may occur due to reasons that may or may not be within the control or knowledge of Chemtrade. In the event of any temporary disruptions to facilities or services that customers with disabilities rely on to access or use, reasonable efforts will be made to provide advance notice. In some circumstances such as in the situation of unplanned temporary disruption, advance notice may not be possible.


Chemtrade will provide serviceability training to designated employees who deal with the public or other third parties on our behalf and may have interaction with people with disabilities. Training will also be provided to designated people involved in the development of policies, plans, practices and procedures related to the provision of our goods and services.

Employees will be re-trained in the event of changes to the legislation.

The training will include the following:

  • Information on the purposes of the AODA, requirements of this Regulation.
  • How to communicate and interact with people with disabilities.
  • How to interact with service animals or support persons.
  • What to do if a person has difficulty accessing Chemtrade services and facilities, and our policies, procedures and practices pertaining to providing accessible customer service to people with disabilities.

Training is provided to employees before or as soon as possible after the employee commences job duties that involve interacting with the public or other third parties, and whenever Chemtrade alters its policies or practices regarding accessible customer service.

Feedback Process

Chemtrade shall provide customers with the opportunity to provide feedback on the service provided to person with disabilities. Information about the feedback process will be readily available to all customers and notices of the process will be made available at Chemtrade’s Corporate Office in Toronto.

Best Practices

Customers will be informed about the feedback process and how action will be taken if a complaint is received.

Chemtrade will acknowledge written feedback within fifteen (15) business days of the receipt of a complaint. In some cases, it may not be possible or appropriate to acknowledge feedback. For example, if the customer wishes to remain anonymous, or indicates that he/she does not want to receive an acknowledgment.

Customers can submit feedback to:

All documents required by the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, including Chemtrade’s Accessibility Policy, notices of temporary disruptions, and written feedback process are available upon request, subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”).


If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or its related procedures, please contact: