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Potassium Chloride (KCI)

Chemtrade is a major global supplier to food, pharmaceutical, and industrial customers of Potassium Chloride (KCl). In addition to standard grades of Potassium Chloride, we can customize product for particle size, flavor enhancer content and other customer requirements. We operate a stand-alone plant in Midlothian, Texas, that adheres to current GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and is overseen by the FDA.


Potassium Chloride (KCl) is used extensively by the pharmaceutical and food industries to provide a number of functional benefits including sodium reduction and nutrient replacement. It is also used as a reagent in laboratory testing, as a reducing agent in the high purity metals industry, in the production of photographic film and in buffering solutions. Based on the application, we offer products that vary according to particle size, screen analysis, and moisture content.

Potassium Chloride is a white crystalline or colorless granular material. It is odorless, stable in air and highly soluble in water. In addition to USP- and FCC-certified grades, we also offer those with BP, EP and JP certifications. Special grades include those that resist caking (Nutri-K™) and separation in blends with sodium chloride (Na-K™), as well as those for microencapsulation.

Grades, Forms, and Containers

  • Pharma-K™ – Pharmaceutical and Food Grade
    • Standard USP/FCC and ACS (40-200 mesh)
    • Free Flowing USP/FCC and ACS (20-60 mesh)
  • Nutri-K™ – Pharmaceutical and Food Grade with anti-caking agent
    • Standard USP/FCC and ACS (40-200 mesh)
    • Free Flowing USP/FCC and ACS (20-60 mesh)
  • Pure-K™ – High Purity
  • Superfine – USP/FCC (100-200 mesh)
  • Na-K™ – Potassium Chloride/Sodium Chloride Blends
  • Custom Particle Shape (Morphology)

All grades available in: 250-lb. fiber drums; 50-lb. bags; and 100-lb. and 50- or 100-kg drums. Customized products and non-standard packaging options are also available.




Potassium Chloride (KCl) (PDF)
Potassium Chloride By-Product Solution (KCl) (PDF)
Potassium Chloride / Sodium Chloride with Magnesium Cabonate (PDF)


Potassium Chloride (KCl) (PDF)


Potassium Chloride (KCl) (PDF)



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