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CAL~FLO® (Calcium Hydroxide)

CAL~FLO® slurry is a high quality liquid calcium hydroxide. It has been used successfully in a broad range of applications in the municipal water and wastewater markets as well as in industrial processes, which require reliable, accurate dosing with safe and low maintenance feed equipment.


For municipal drinking water systems, CAL~FLO® slurry meets ANSI/NSF Standard 60 requirements for chemical additives to drinking water. Through strict quality control in its manufacture, each CAL~FLO® slurry shipment is checked for suspension consistency. The most common application points for CAL~FLO® slurry in the drinking water industry are:

  • Raw Water Feed Line / Rapid Mix: CAL~FLO® slurry typically replaces dry lime for alkalinity adjustment, which can be required for more effective coagulation and metals residuals minimization. The change to CAL~FLO® slurry eliminates the high maintenance, unreliable feed problems associated with dry lime and leads to more consistent treatment.
  • Clearwell / Filtered Water Line: CAL~FLO® slurry typically replaces liquid caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) for pH adjustment as well as provides alkalinity and calcium hardness to address potential corrosion concerns in the distribution system. Relative to caustic soda, CAL~FLO® slurry is price stable and a safe product for operations.

For municipal wastewater systems, CAL~FLO® slurry is a consistent source of alkalinity which is required to neutralize acids formed by biological processes required for waste treatment. These biological units require a specific pH range for effective operations. CAL~FLO® slurry has also been used to improve solids stabilization and processing as well as address H2S concerns.




CAL~FLO® Slurry (PDF)


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NSF/ANSI Standard 60 Listings (



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