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Water Solutions & Specialty Chemicals (WSSC)

WSSC manufactures and markets a variety of inorganic coagulants used in water treatment, including aluminum sulphate, aluminum chlorohydrate, polyaluminum chloride, and ferric sulphate; and a number of specialty chemicals, including sodium nitrite, potassium chloride, phosphorus pentasulphide, and vaccine adjuvants. These products are marketed primarily to North American customers.

WSSC Products


Aluminum Sulphate (Alum)

Polyaluminum Chloride (PACl)

Aluminum Chlorohydrate (ACH)

Ferric Sulphate (Ferric)


Phosphorus Pentasulphide (P2S5)

Sodium Nitrite

Sodium Nitrite-Food Grade

Sodium Nitrite Technical Solutions/GenClear N

Potassium Chloride (KCl)

Vaccine Adjuvants

Potassium Hydroxide Pellets

Sodium Hydroxide Pellets

Other Water Treatment Products

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