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Sodium Chlorate

Chemtrade is a leading manufacturer of sodium chlorate. It is an electrolysis process that uses salt, water and electricity. A high purity hydrogen gas stream is also generated in the process.

Sodium chlorate is used for the production of chlorine dioxide as a bleaching agent in the production of kraft pulp by pulp and paper mills. Sodium chlorate is produced either as a solution or a dry crystal form, and shipped to customers via rail car or pipeline directly from our plant. The high purity hydrogen gas stream produced as a by-product of the sodium chlorate process is sold via pipeline to an adjacent hydrogen peroxide manufacturer.

Production Locations:

  • Brandon, MB
  • Prince George, BC
  • Nanaimo, BC
  • Beauharnois, QC
  • Espírito Santo, Brazil

In addition to the production of sodium chlorate, our Prince George plant also processes soap skimmings, produced by local pulp mills as a byproduct of the pulp making process, into crude tall oil (CTO) for use as an alternate energy source. CTO is processed and either returned to the soap skimming supplier or sold in the merchant CTO market.




Sodium Chlorate Crystal (PDF)
Sodium Chlorate (Cell liquor blend) (PDF)


Sodium Chlorate Crystal (PDF)


Sodium Chlorate / Crude Tall Oil (PDF)
Sodium Chlorate / Salt (PDF)
Sodium Chlorate / Salt (Table and Denatured) (PDF)



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