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Wastewater Clarification

Wastewater Clarification, aided by effective coagulants such as iron and aluminum salts, enhances plant production in primary, secondary and tertiary treatment.  The positively charged metal hydroxide flocs that form in wastewater at a pH range of 4 to 9 collect the negatively charged suspended particles.  Proper coagulation leads to the formation of larger, stronger, heavier flocs, resulting in quicker settling rates and a denser sludge blanket.

Inorganic coagulants are proven to be effective in wastewater clarification.  Typical dosage rates vary depending on the coagulant and the specific composition of the wastewater.  In order to meet wastewater clarification needs, the proper coagulant choice and dosage rate, as well as choosing the optimum feed point, pH, and alkalinity should be determined.  Sometimes an alkali, such as CAL~FLO® slurry, will be required for effective treatment.

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