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Soil Additive / Water Quality Enhancement

Soluble phosphorus is considered a readily available nutrient in water and increases the potential for growth of unwanted plants and microorganisms, including blue-green algae.  When used as an agricultural fertilizer, Al+Clear® treated litter, limits the potential for run off of phosphorus into lakes, reservoirs, and other bodies of water.  Controlling soluble phosphorus in land applied litters is an advantage of Al+Clear® treated litters, especially when Al+Clear® products have been incorporated through the full depth of the litter bed.  In these cases, soluble phosphorus from undigested feed in the litter can complex with the aluminum from Al+Clear® products.  The reaction creates an insoluble phosphate compound by forming a strong chemical bond with aluminum.

Aluminum phosphate will remain insoluble through a wide pH range. Therefore, the use of litter can be more flexible in crop applications based on their requirements for nitrogen, rather than be limited due to accumulated soluble phosphorus found in untreated litter.  Al+Clear® products, used as a poultry litter amendment, have also been found to reduce the runoff of heavy metals and estrogen, when treated litter is applied as a fertilizer as well.

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