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Corrosion Inhibition

Sodium Nitrite

Sodium nitrite acts as an anodic inhibitor toward ferrous metals by forming a tightly adhering oxide film over the steel, preventing the dissolution of metal at anodic areas.  When used in mixed metal systems that may include for instance, copper, brass, or aluminum (as in automobile cooling systems), synergistic additives may be required for complete system protection.  Some renewed interest in furthering nitrite use has been spawned from reduction in widespread use of carcinogenic hexavalent chromium-based inhibitors.  Loss of protection owing to biological consumption of nitrite has been addressed by use of higher initial concentrations.  Sodium nitrite is used in boiler water treatment, as a dip or spray for protection of metals in process and storage, and in concrete.


Chemtrade’s Genhib product line consists of a series of formulated phosphate based corrosion inhibitors used in the potable water industry for distribution system scale and corrosion inhibition.

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