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Chemical Phosphorus Removal

Soluble reactive phosphorus, typically in the form of orthophosphate (PO4-3), can be a nutrient for aquatic plants, such as algae, which can be either a health risk to aquatic life or an aesthetic nuisance to those living near or using the waterways.  In the case of blue-green algae, toxic by-products can be produced, which create health issues if a lake or reservoir would be used as a source of drinking water.  Phosphorus (P) is commonly found in municipal and agricultural waste and wastewater, originating from the digestion of phosphorus-containing food sources. Increasingly, regulators are requiring wastewater plants to control phosphorus in their effluent to low levels.

Control of phosphorus can be achieved by forming a precipitate when the soluble phosphorus, in the form of orthophosphate, complexes with a soluble metal, such as aluminum or iron. The aluminum or iron salts can be fed at the headworks or prior to clarification/filtration depending on the target effluent phosphorus level and plant setup.

In many cases HyperIon (PolyAluminum Chloride) is the most efficient and cost effective product for phosphorus control.  Additionally, HyperIon does not consume as much alkalinity or depress pH as much as traditional coagulants such as ferric chloride.

Every treatment situation is unique and our product applications engineers can work with you to find and implement the best solution.

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