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Products & Services

Chemtrade’s products are sourced through its own production facilities or procured via long-term marketing services arrangements with industrial producers and other chemical producers. The industrial producers include base metal smelting and oil refinery operations that generate sulphuric acid, spent acid, liquid SO2 and sulphur as by-products of their production processes. This sourcing model provides more security of supply for customers, and results in lower costs and capital requirements for Chemtrade.

Chemtrade operates production facilities that can be broadly classified into (1) sulphuric acid/regen acid; (2) liquid SHS; (3) sodium chlorate; (4) ammonium sulphate; and (5) P2S5.

In North America, Chemtrade produces virtually all of its regen acid, ultra pure acid, liquid SHS, sodium chlorate and crude tall oil and approximately 30% of its sulphuric acid in its own manufacturing facilities. The balance of its sulphuric acid and all of the powder SHS, liquid SO2 and sulphur marketed by Chemtrade are obtained through marketing arrangements.

Internationally, all product is sourced through marketing arrangements. See International – Chemtrade Aglobis


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