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Chemtrade Aglobis
Our Operations

Chemtrade Aglobis, is Chemtrade’s international operating arm, operating in Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands and Chile. Chemtrade Aglobis encompasses Chemtrade’s sulphuric acid and sulphur operations outside of North America.

Chemtrade Aglobis removes, markets and distributes sulphuric acid and liquid and solid sulphur produced by oil refineries, base metal smelters and other industrial facilities in Europe, Africa, Central and South America, Australia, the Middle and the Far East.

Chemtrade Aglobis operates storage and distribution facilities in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Mejillones, Chile and a trucking company, Ruhrtrans, which transports molten sulphur and sulphuric acid for Chemtrade Aglobis and a wide range of other industrial liquid chemicals for third parties.

NOTE: Chemtrade Aglobis is not associated with ChemTrade Storage Netherlands B.V. (

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